Benign essentials tremor

Tremor is a constant moving of a certain body part. It cannot be controlled and the shaking sensation occurs when the body part is given load. Every person has minor trembling in their body parts. Essential tremor is a neurological disorder in which the parts of your body are constantly shaking because of aging and other signs too. It is mostly found in arms and hands and these movements are featured when eating, writing, moving or doing something with your hands. The disease is relative to Parkinson’s disease which is the disorder of nervous system. Benign essentials tremor is occurred when the muscle affected is given a lot of load. Following are some of the symptoms of the disorder.


Benign Essentials Tremor Symptoms

The only symptom that is very clear in this disorder is the tremor. If you have other problems then you might be suffering from some other disease but Benign Essentials Tremor Symptoms are of involuntary shaking. It cannot be controlled and is often caused when you have no intention of getting the shaking but you’re doing some work with your muscles. This disorder is affected in one arm at first and it can lead to the other arm within a year or two.

Benign Essential Tremor Cause

The one Benign Essential Tremor Cause is in genetics. It is transferred from genes and 7 out of 10 people are affected in a family. It sometimes affects the brain which is responsible for controlling the movement of the body parts.

Benign Essentials Tremor Treatments

There are no specific Benign Essentials Tremor Treatment. It cannot be controlled. However, many people lower the shaking by taking alcohol. It can become unnoticeable but it doesn’t completely stop. Some doctors recommend few medicines but when medicines become less effective and the shaking increases, it is often treated by a surgery. People often prefer benign essentials tremor medications but they often do not help. There are two types of surgeries which are very effective and the patients are treated with this.

  1. Thalamotomy
  2. Thalamic deep brain stimulation


In this surgery, one side of your brain is destroyed. It has been proven very effective and stops the tremor effectively. This surgery has side effects and isn’t often recommended by doctors.

Thalamic deep brain stimulation

In this type of surgery, an electrode is placed into the thalamus on either one side or both sides of the brain. It is connector to a device which sends the electrical impulses to the electrode into the thalamus and signals the movement to stop. It has been effective with many people.

People use the benign essential tremor remedies so that there can be a treatment to help them out of the shaking problem. These remedies are rarely effective and most of the times they are useless. The benign essentials tremor cure can be gotten from the surgeries too but the proper cure is left in a proper medication.