Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin in which discoloration of the skin occurs. Skin becomes flaky, patchy with itchy scales on the affected areas. the disease is not a chronic medical condition and can be treated with a lot of care and the right medicine. the disease is a specific skin disorder which causes embarrassment if the areas are exposed for example hands, face, feet or other prominent areas of the skin. It can have psychological impacts on a patient because of the apparent skin condition that is not worth exposing.

Tinea Versicolor Symptoms

There are some pretty obvious Symptoms Tinea Versicolor that can help diagnose the disease which include:

  • Patches of discolored skin with sharp borders
  • Scaly and itchy skin
  • Hypopigmentation or Hyperpigmentation
  • Increased sweating
  • Itching

Tinea Versicolor Causes

The disease is usually caused by:

  • Fungus Pityrosporum ovale
  • Hot climates
  • Fungal infection


What is Cloreton & how it helps

Cloreton is a herbal formula that has been formulated to fight the disease. It is purely a treatment composed of pure herbs obtained from the world’s best botanical gardens in order to produce a treatment option that is absolutely side effects free and works fast without undergoing major skin surgeries. Our experts have manufactured this state of the art treatment to help patients get rid of the disease without causing any side effects to the body. It works naturally to combat the disease skin condition and is considered one of the best herbal treatments worldwide.


Once you start using cloreton you will boast about its amazing medicinal properties and the results you will witness due to its regular use. You will get rid of the scaly patches and your skin will start improving. You will regain the original color of your skin and live an embarrassment free life.

Why Trust Cloreton for Tinea Versicolor Treatment

Cloreton is a trusted herbal treatment that works by fighting the discoloration of a patient’s skin that has been caused due to the disease a fungal skin disorder. You can totally trust Cloreton in order to fight with this medical condition because it is absolutely side effects free and has been tried and tested since few years now.


Long story short Cloreton is an herbal treatment that has helped many people get rid of the disease which is a fungal skin disorder in which the skin gets flaky, itchy and loose its original color. It either gets too dark or too light or at times white patches are formed all over the skin which makes it very difficult for people to expose their skin. Cloreton is an herbal formula which has been tried and tested to produce amazing results and has helped care the most stubborn patches after regular doses of this herbal medicine.