Pemphigus is a skin condition in which a cluster of autoimmune diseases clump together to form an irritable skin condition with blistering of the skin and mucous membranes involving mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals. If not treated well in time the disease can be fatal. The disease is not contagious unlike many other skin disorders. There is no genetic evidence of the disease and physicians over the years have identified many causes of this disease. It usually attacks people living in rainforests such as Brazil and both the genders have equal risks of being affected by this terrible skin disorder. It is categorized into numerous types ranging from mildest to the most severe of all. Some eminent types that have been identified by the researchers are:

  • Pemphigus vulgaris in which soft and floppy eruptions appear on radiant skin and mucous membranes.
  • Pemphigus vegetans is the type of Pemphigus in which groin and under arms experience thickening of sores.
  • Pemphigus foliaceus in which face is usually affected first by these blisters and then move onto scalp, chest and then other parts of the body.
  • IgA pemphigus is a specific type in which an altered type of antibody muddles to the cell surface of epidermal cells.
  • Paraneoplastic pemphigus is a very rare type of the disease which is distinct from the disease itself and usually occurs in people with certain types of cancer, including some lymphomas and leukemias.

Pemphigus Symptoms

Some prominent Symptoms of Pemphigus that when seen a patient should immediately consult the doctor are:

  • Increasing number of blisters or sores which is uncontrollable
  • A quick spread in the number of sores
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Thickening of sores in the groin and underarms
  • Blisters on the face, scalp and then chest

Pemphigus Causes

There are various identified Causes of Pemphigus which blatantly include:

  • Attack of antibodies on the epidermis, or top layer of the skin, and the mucous membranes.
  • Genetic susceptibility (in rare cases)
  • Unfavorable environmental agents
  • Various medications
  • Acantholysis


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