Keloids is basically a skin condition in which scars are formed adjacent to the healed skin injury. These scars are quite threatening and heaped-up that abruptly arises on the skin. the disease have the most irregular patterns and tend to enlarge with time. These scars take a long time to vanish. the disease are usually formed when a skin injury occurs and when the healing is done a flat scar is formed ensuring successful healing but the disease are those stubborn scars that are formed across the skin sometime after the healing process is completed. the disease usually appear after surgeries or serious injuries but they can even appear instinctively or even as a result of trivial infection. These are pretty stubborn scars as explained earlier and take a really long time to leave the skin on its own.

Keloids Symptoms

Some visible signs and symptoms that make the the disease obvious and distinguish them from hypertrophic scars are:

  • Formation of scars sometime after the injury is healed
  • Stubborn scaring which take longer to vanish
  • Raised and shiny scars
  • Dome-shaped scaring
  • Pink in color turning red with time
  • Itchy, tender and sometimes painful scars


Keloids Causes

There is no specific cause that has been identified which is responsible for the cause of this sort of scaring known as Keloids but there are still many reasons as to why these the disease are formed and these causes typically include:

  • Changes in cellular signals
  • Proliferation of growth control cells are responsible for the formation of the disease
  • Healing of injuries which can cause scar formation
  • Acne
  • Blisters and burns
  • Chickenpox
  • Ear piercing
  • Minor scratches
  • Surgical wounds
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Vaccination spots

What is Kleneton & how it helps

Kleneton is a name given to an awesome herbal treatment that helps in recovering people suffering from Keloids. It is an herbal treatment that is made of pure herbs obtained from the world’s best botanical gardens under the observation of expert herbalists. This herbal treatment has been formulated after the careful research done by the experts on every ingredient that has been used to manufacture this product. This is not just a selling product this is a complete treatment that gradually works to eliminate the disease from your system permanently.


The outcomes of regularly using Kleneton are superb and those who have been using it regulary have experienced a considerable improvement in the formation of scars and itchiness. It helps people get rid of the scars and itchiness. It also improves the skin color and redness of the scars. Overall this yields amazing results slowly but they are there to stay for a permanent period of time.

Why Trust Kleneton for Keloids Treatment

Why people all around the globe have been trusting Kleneton is because they believe and it is 100% testified that the herbal treatment has a lot of positive results and help people recover from the Keloids on permanent basis. It is trusted because it is herbal and has no side effects and has considerably helped patients of Keloids regain their original skin back. It is a magical treatment that works slowly but yields amazing results. It has helped a lot of sufferers who happily boast about their improved skin condition and the benefits of Kleneton.


The bottom line however is that Kleneton helps eradicate the disease if the treatment is opted on daily basis and no dose is missed.